About Us

"CSTAGE Radio" Is Comprised of Two Very Passionate Gospel Music Industry Leaders That Have a Heart For Bringing Exposure To Unsigned Artist. 

Dallas "Tony D" Frazier Is The Founder Of Christian Sounds Entertainment. Tony D's  passion for radio dates back to his childhood where He grew up listening to radio stations in NYC and dreamed of owning his own station one day. 

Timolin Atkins Is The  Founder And CEO Of TAG Entertainment Group. Timolin Atkins's passion for music has been noted in the entertainment industry for years. Her experience in radio dates back over 7 years. Timolin has been the mastermind of several radio show segments in multiple radio markets. 

Together Tony D & Timolin Atkins Bring You "CStage Radio" A Premiere Radio Station that is dedicated to bringing worldwide listeners the best in gospel music of all genres. Together their passion for Gospel Music and helping Independent Gospel Artist develop and grow into nationally recognized artists is the platform "CSTAGE Radio" was established. 

With Their Matching Visions & Goals "CSTAGE Radio" is sure to make amazing strides as a ground breaking radio station that supports all genres of gospel & inspirational music. 

Keep Your Eyes on "CSTAGE Radio" To Be That Major trendsetter in the ever emerging Gospel Music Arena.


Tony D aka Dallas Frazier


Timolin Atkins


Bryan Williams

 Station Music Directior/Program Director 



DJ 180 is a 20+ year veteran in the radio and production industry. He began his professional career as a an on air personality in Greenville, SC at WJMZ 107.3 Jamz. He gained his initial production experience there, where he moved to production director at the Radio One cluster in Augusta, GA. He was in charge of production for WFXA, WTHB, WAEG, and WAKB. 

While at Radio One, DJ 180 was the production director, mixshow director and on air talent. DJ 180 was on the cutting edge of breaking new records for artists, and also coming up with new and creative audio production. DJ 180 won several company awards for his innovative production style and delivery. He has also worked for other stations in the Augusta area including WKZK and WNRR. 

Currently, DJ 180 is an independent production consultant. He does commercials and ads nationwide. His love is and has always been radio and production. DJ 180 is going to bring his knowledge and expertise to help to make C Stage radio the place for independent artists all over.